Problem gambling studies

The primary presumption for good and long-term decisions when it comes to problem gambling is to have knowledge and to base the decisions on a broad and scientific ground. Research, education and treatment assignment should be allocated long-term and not as an intervention of crisis or temporary solution.

Betsson is a member of BOS, the Swedish Online Gambling Association. Last spring BOS commissioned an independent study of a comparison of responsible gaming safe guards provided by operators belonging to BOS and by the Swedish monopoly. The bench mark used were the CEN standards for remote responsible gambling measures. This to ensure that all operators were assessed according to EU standards from a customer perspective. According to the report there were only minor differences between BOS member operators and the Swedish monopoly. To read the study in full, click here.

According to the report "Spel och Spelberoende i Sverige" (Rönnberg, 1999) approximately 2 percent of the Swedish population had some kind of gambling related problem, whereof 0,6 percent suffered from serious gambling related problems.

2008-2009 a new report was executed by Folkhälsoinstitutet, SWELOGS. The report is one of the most extensive longitudinal population surveillance about gambling of its kind. Intrestingly enough the report showed that the amount of people suffering from gambling problems stayed at the same level as in the previous report, which was carried out before online gaming was publicly available.

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